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SiriusXM - Free Listening Event

CLIENT |  SiriusXM

PRODUCED AT |  Brand New School
  Andres Rivera

MY ROLE |  Design
  Vector Illustration

Enjoy the summer vibe road trip with the company of SiriusXM on your adventure journey. The goal is to illustrate moments that visualize the summer vibe music, accompanying the main character as he journeys through various scenes during a road trip. 


One particular aspect that made this project stand out was the color palate. I was able to explore different color schemes to create the summer road trip vibe, for example integrating the modern style car, capturing moments before the trip etc. My proudest moment from this project is to deliver the concepts within a week. 

Below are design frames that I created for the SiriusXM Free Listening Event promotion. Hope this will take you on a summer road trip as well!


For additional information or full credit list, please feel free to contact me.  

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